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Porto Marine Services founded by Mr. Saad Abu Rejailah Working in the field of Marine services and general marine supply , chandler , environmental services & maintenance of equipment & machines & spare parts on demand and supply of technicians and workers and collecting solid and liquid waste as laid down by the Port Authority and the Ministry of Environment and environmental standards based on the licenses granted to the company to exercise the professions mentioned by the Port Authority also The company obtained the environmental certificate from the Ministry of Environment and the example of the confidence of customers we have annual contracts with agents crew is one of the largest and most famous example MSC agency & wilhelmsen ship service.

Porto Marine Services delighted to established a new department within the company, a commercial diving department was incorporation of this section in 2019 under the umbrella of Porto Marine Services and at the hands of experts in the field of commercial diving and the use of advanced technology equipment is a revolution in the world of commercial diving.
Porto Marine Services work is based on international standards for safety & healthy certificate ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 lacks commercial diving companies in the area to hold it , that the reason to never use (SCUBA ) diving in our operation for diver for safety and risk assessment , all our operations audio & video recorded for quality management system.

Porto Marine Services Diving division is founded by professional diver work in worldwide for years of experience , and for that reason we are able to deal professionally with all aspects of commercial diving and underwater operations. We also offer a broad range of specialized services to the government mobile monitorand the private sector. Our goal is to provide high quality services at competitive prices in order to fulfill each clients’ requirements and make sure they are satisfied with our work.Our experience enables us to address our clients’ various requirements across many specializations,
allowing us to get the job done more efficiently and deliver the best possible results. Safety is the most important part of our operations at Porto Marine Services therefore we take great care to uphold all necessary safety measures in all our works.

Our Story

Porto Marine Services is founded by professional diver work in worldwide experinced and able to deal profesionally with all aspect of commerical diving and underwater operations. We also offer a broad range of specialized services to the government and the private sector.