PORTO Marine Services

PORTO Marine Specialists in general ship supply & chandler and environmental services. Second parts med advice of our services is diving department specially in all underwater repairs & all kind of underwater constructions, maintenance and vessels classification survey.

NDT Metal Thickness Measuring or Gauging

We are using underwater Cygnus Dive Data Logger.

Underwater Photography & Video

We provide a number of various driver operated underwater videos and photographic system to providepremier salt scrub quality colour and resolution images.


Porto Marine services is founded by the Mr. Saad Abu Rejailah who have multiple experienced that covers all aspect of commercial and under water operations. Our company have wide range of services for both government and private sector. Our aim is to offer high quality services at very competitive prices to our current client in UAE.

What We Do?

Underwater Pipes & Cables

We provide underwater inspection of  pipes & cable and offshore structure.

Our Marine Services

We are providing envoirnmental sloution,gernal ship supply,ship chandelling and bonded stores.

General Services

We are providing lots of general services like Underwater concrete works, all other civil construction and Buoy works etc.

Tools & Equipment

We are providing world best tools and equipment. Nemo power tool is the biggest name in the market